It may not sound like rocket science, it may not even sound important, but standardizing your Brand is the most fundamental piece of marketing that 80% of businesses do not have. Whether you are gearing up to launch a new start-up, creating a traditional marketing campaign, or starting your first internet marketing launch, don't do it!!...unless you have some sort of brand uniformity. As consumers are being bombarded with products and services in today's ever changing landscape, it is detrimental not to send the right message to your potential customer. Brand Uniformity creates transparency which in turn creates consumer trust. Our organization has been recognized for standardizing brands, from Universities to some of the latest Inc. 500 companies. There are organizations in our market place that have standardized the side a hospitality consultant should walk on, in order to make the guest feel more at home and comfortable. Yes, you guessed it, it's Ritz Carlton. There are extreme cases of brand standardization, however for any organization whether small or large, it is important to have a uniform message look and feel. This will help your organization stay organized, focused, and deliver the right message to your clients and potential clients time and time again. Read more about Brand Standards, and the steps to take in order to get one organized and ready for your organization.