Traffic + Conversion = $$

Our focus is to build an internet marketing campaign not for today but for tomorrow and years after. Let's face it, we're a business just like you, and our success is heavily dependent on how effective your campaign is. We're not in the SEO business for the short term, our services may start out as an expense…but our goal is to quickly turn it into an investment your organization can't do without! We love being in the SEO business because we know if we can make you money and get you converting traffic, that we will remain partners for a long time. We have many partners in the Chicagoland area who have experienced success with our strategic solutions and remain the preferred internet marketing partner for many organization in Chicago and internationally.

Who We are ?

We're a group of marketers who understood the power of search to propel brands, its product or services, into converting traffic. SkyDiamond Media is a digital marketing agency focused specificallyon building online brands, traffic, and conversions through search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click, and online reputations management.

Our clients range from startups to multinational enterprises both local & international. Headquartered in South Bend, IN with offices in Bangalore, India we are able to provide our customer the best of both worlds. Our Mantra is to provide the western methodology of SEO to every internet marketing campaign. Your audience is North American, and you need an organization that can provide you strong Marketing campaigns online. That is why each Internet marketing campaign is designed by an SEO analyst in South Bend, IN. This includes the Keyword research process to identifying the most relevant links, to custom content writing. We use our Indian back office to implement these strategies working hand in hand with our South Bend team. We have over 20 writers in house, from Notre Dame University graduate students to Ph.D's writing content for each of our SEO campaigns.

We've been the internet marketing partner of choice for many agencies on a private label basis to major corporations in the Chicago land area. Our strategic physical location allows Chicagoans to have access to premier SEO services without breaking the bank. Our organizations extreme focus on value allows us to be a major asset to Chicago area businesses while providing them local service which provides them results.

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