penguin's take on link buidling
It is...yet it isn't....I don't mean to confuse you & SEO shouldn't be a confusing process...yet it has become so. Link building isn't something that should be taken lightly with any SEO campaign. With all the Recent Google updates, the search engine has been forcing us to build more "natural" links. You may be asking, what does this mean? The more "natural" a link, the more relevant the link is to the product or service that you offer. And the content back linking to your site should also be unique. This sounds easy, however there are several variables which Google doesn't make quite clear as to which kind of link is more authoritative, in order to show the search engine your "relevancy value". If your business model is heavily dependent on search, it may make sense to manually spend time exploring different blogs, social profiles, and websites, understanding which properties are deemed highly authoritative by Google, in order to create some sort of diversified linking profile that works. As an authority in SEO we've understood the importance in creating the most diversified linking profile possible, keeping it "looking" natural and relevant as possible. Your not alone, many organizations have been thrown for a loop by the recent updates. We are one of the few industry heavy weights that has an active R&D team dedicated to SEO, so we will guide you through this process.