Web Design and Development

WordPress is considered as the most famous web blogging software today. It is used by many blog users because of its several advantages. We, at Sky Diamond Media make use of this platform in customizing and designing websites. We also offer our clients with different services like Ruby on Rails, PHP, and AJAX. Why Use WordPress We make use of this platform because of its convenience and versatility. It is suited for anybody, from beginners to advanced programmers. It has a feature-rich interface and advanced multimedia support. WordPress is also expandable because it has numerous modules ideal for popular website features. It is an open source Content Management System (CMS). This can be installed for free and can be used for websites. This platform is also powered by MyQSL and PHP. It has started out as open source blogging platform. It has become a full-pledged CMS that is used in creating almost anything from blogs to content-rich websites today. Advantages of WordPress
  • There are many advantages in making use of this platform as a CMS. It is free to use while WordPress template or theme may be free or cost inexpensively. The use of this platform can help in saving a substantial amount of money rather than the use of other systems.
  • There are also a huge number of developers that are consistently enhancing the software because it is an open source. Developers are constantly creating and expanding the platform’s capabilities.
  • It can be used by ordinary people in creating and maintaining websites because of its simplicity and convenience. It poses minimal risk of messing up web designs compared to other platforms.
  • Multiple online users can make use of this platform. Users can use it to add, fix, or enhance websites. Content and websites are backed up on secure servers.
  • It is also useful in optimizing search engine results. This platform can help in achieving high SEO on several search engines like Google. It provides cost-efficient solutions to content management system.
Efficiency of Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is described as the 2nd generation of World Wide Web. This platform focuses on the capability of individuals in sharing information online. Web 2.0 also refers to the evolution of HTML web pages into dynamic web. It provides organized web applications that are useful. It includes open communication with emphasis on web-based communities that share information with each other. Web 2.0 is also composed of wikis, blogs, and other web services. Other Services We also provide other services like Ruby on Rails besides the abovementioned platforms. This is a website application framework that is written in Ruby. It is a type of programming language same as Perl, Smalltalk, and Python. The main principle of Ruby on Rails development is Convention over Configuration. Programmers have to new codes in areas wherein their applications diverge from the standards. On the other hand, PHP is an HTML embedded scripting language. It is also a server-side platform that can be executed on the web server instead within the browser or local machine. It is also a cross-platform that can operate on different web servers and operating systems. This platform is available in Apache running on UNIX configuration. It is also available in IIS running on Windows NT configuration. AJAX also refers to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This technique is useful in creating dynamic web pages. This platform is used to update web pages by exchanging data with server behind the scenes. AJAX updates parts of web pages without reloading the entire page. Classic pages that do not use this platform need to reload the whole page when content is changed. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Sky Diamond Media can provide you and your business with any of these products. We guarantee you customer satisfaction because we understand your needs and your business. Our products and services are of superior quality, ensuring your money’s worth. We take pride of our team of professionals in the e-commerce industry. We know that you deserve the best services possible. We are here to help you with your specific needs, whether the simplest or the most complex of things. Our company has been fully committed to providing our clients with only the best services. This makes our company unique from other service providers on the market. The varieties and flexibility of our services can help enhance your business. We do this because we value you and your endeavor. We can take precise measures in helping you achieve your goals through our excellence in the industry. Thus, customer satisfaction is our top priority since our foundation. Our team of experts provides careful and proper assistance to assure that we address your problems regardless their simplicity or complexity. We can guarantee you with no less than superior products and services. These services are relevant to your business, and its need to become profitable and visible online.