Brand Management

Products and businesses rely on proper branding. This is to stand out from competitors. It identifies the level of quality and indicates your mission and values. Here at Sky diamond media we value the equity of your business. We aim to propel your business brand to higher levels. We provide excellent marketing campaign management techniques. Sky diamond media value and take pride in our brand strengthening tactics. If you want your brand to excel, then you are in the right place! Strategic Services Flawless strategy is the key component in any campaign. It should be combined into an understandable, clear and concise message. Our strategic process is to comprehend all your branding needs. This involves business strategy, general marketing, and staff communications. We take pride in our high levels of speedy and creative planning. This makes us a top choice of many corporations. Proper brand positioning is designed by experts for each and every campaign. Strategic Services include: • Consumer research • Brand positioning • Campaign messaging • Acquisition strategies • Retention strategies Strategic Service Stages We take pride in our campaign management services. To achieve such quality, we follow a proven and strategic approach. This starts from the initial meet-up to the final implementation. 1. The Kick-off – After meeting and gathering all the needs and preference of the client. A custom tailored proposal would be submitted. It contains quotes and strategies for the client to approve. This is considered as the finalizing stage of all needed requirements. 2. Creative Briefing - Sky Diamond let the client use a standard template to draft a brief project. We then review it and convey possible creative options. Our experts will then go into a discussion of the brand’s marketing direction. 3. Design Development - Our creative team starts to discover multiple creative options. Usually, we devise three main routes. A creative option, conservative one, and a middle ground approach. 4. Design Conception - A presentation of the project would be shown once the concepts are final. These are achieved in person or at times even remotely. The client will then review all the options and selects a concept. We would then require them to send us a documented feedback. 5. Design Finalization - Our team would finalize the option the client chose. The feedback provided plays a big part on this stage. Some small details are then finalized on the said stage. 6. Production - Following the approval the creative team considers requested file formats. Edits/treatments are then applied to make all final items print ready. 7. Roll-out – Creative and logo styles are applied on all needed materials. This is based on the overall campaign techniques the client has chosen. Competitive Advantage Today’s marketing scene is highly competitive. This is why proper brand management is crucial. Our passion is to develop, design and manage all types of businesses. This is our main foundation in providing high quality marketing campaign management. We make sure that your businesses’ branding is direct and transparent. Our brand management campaigns are designed to adapt to any marketing medium. We can provide you with powerful campaign options. This can be achieved through brochures, web advertising and other effective techniques.