Content Management System (CMS) is software that is used to manage a website’s content. Hence, WordPress is one of the most common software used by many companies and service providers in designing or developing websites, web pages, blogs, and related online tools. Sky Diamond Media makes use of WordPress as our main content management system software, providing our clients with the convenience of this platform. With the help of this software, the addition, revision, deletion, and enhancement of a site’s content has become relatively easy. WordPress as Diamonds’ CMS Platform Wordpress may be considered as the most-used content management systems on the market today. It is open source software that is written in PHP. In fact, it is used by several industries in the development of their blog sites. Moreover, WordPress provides full support to the creation of websites due to its several benefits. Benefits of WordPress as CMS Software •    Primarily, Sky Diamond Media makes use of WordPress as our basic CMS platform because it is user-friendly and an SEO-friendly software. It has a clean permalink structure feature that represents simplicity and convenience compared to other content management systems around. •    Our company makes use of WordPress due to its versatility. In fact, it is utilized by numerous companies worldwide, proving a global presence. This platform is very useful in building e-commerce photo blogs, portfolio websites, magazines, article libraries, news, open gallery, and many more. •    Perhaps the best advantage of using WordPress is its affordability since it is free of cost. Anyone in the online industry can utilize this software in operating their personal or commercial websites. •    Also, WordPress developers are consistently enhancing the efficiency of such software, checking security issues to ensure that it is the most appropriate content management system around. •    Websites can be customized easily through the use of WordPress as software in the development of web pages and websites. It has many features that can be used even by the neophytes in the e-commerce industry. •    The ease and reliability of WordPress is another huge factor that we consider. Through this software, we can help you build a multitude of followers such as facebook fans, Twitter follower, and RSS readers. Thus, it can save time with less effort. •    Making use of WordPress also involves URL customization. This software is very reliable in the incorporation of keywords in a website’s URL that leads to increased relevancy in search engines. •    Moreover, WordPress provides an assortment of Plug-ins that is relevant to social media sites. The use of plug-ins is advantageous to websites focused on obtaining overall usability, an easy back-end and SEO services. Every business, large or small can enjoy benefits with WordPress as content management system. Sky Diamond Media is well aware of the benefits provided by this software. Hence, we make the most of WordPress as our main content management system, assuring our clients with the simplest, most convenient, and cheapest way of managing their websites’ content. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective yet the most affordable designs, processes, and resources without sacrificing the quality of service.